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What’s Best For Kitchen Countertops Replacement Instead Of Laminate?

What’s Best For Kitchen Countertops Replacement Instead Of Laminate?

While laminate countertops are more affordable than stone, there is almost no value on resale. Plus, they’re resistant to scratching along with heat and moisture damage. Even you cannot get repaired such surface countertops. If you’ve got your property laminate countertops, you must replace them with some natural or semi-natural stones like quartz, granite, and marble. Such countertops are durable, resistant to scratching and heat, and come under budget. For kitchen countertops replacement, you may go either with granite or marble, as both are natural stones and easily maintainable.

Alternative Over Laminate Countertops, Kitchen Countertops Replacement

The time has come to replace your laminate countertops with some natural and eco-friendly ones. Such countertops may be a little excess to your budget will ensure durability and effortless maintenance. Let’s discuss some of them.


Over a few years, quartz has been one of the well-profound options for countertops. Quartz is also called ‘engineered stone,’ it’s a blend of quartz crystals and binding agent ‘resin.’ Quartz countertops cost may be a little high, but its qualities will justify it. You may customize it with your style patterns and even colors from icy white to dark black. For instance – marble-look, nature-inspired with green shades, concrete looks, and more. Quartz countertops don’t need sealing and deliver a high longevity option.


Granite is a kind of natural stone that has been famous for decades. Each unique slab gives the touch of nature’s beauty within your home. Granite provides you with a huge range of color blends and patterns to choose from. The non-porous property of granite prevents bacteria growth as it is resistant to absorbing food and dirt, which ensures a more hygienic kitchen. It’s also heat and scratch-resistant. The most fortunate thing is that granite adds value to your property. Plus, it won’t depreciate with time, which makes it a smart investment.


Similar to granite, marble is also a natural stone that is easy to maintain and an amazing option for kitchen countertops replacement. Moreover, it’s a great choice for countertops for any nook of your property, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, or a space out of your house. Again, similarly to granite, it also cannot absorb dirt, moisture, and any liquid, which makes it both bacteria-free and non-damage. Furthermore, its value will not decline over time, as some other countertops do. So, confidently go with this countertop!

Why To Replace Laminate Countertops With These Countertops?


Above mentioned stones are a perfect choice to have an eco-friendly countertop as granite and marble are natural stones, but granite is semi-natural. Still, granite is composed of recycled materials and stone, which lowers the waste. Even if you remove granite, it will probably one hundred percent be recycled. In addition, this engineered countertop doesn’t need any additional need of chemical cleaning.

2.Color and Contrast

These countertops provide a variant of colors and contrast. You may give shape to your choice of designs and combinations, such as light and subtle designs. You may pick while color with subtle accents for any bright, airy, and open ambiance. Light-colored quartz is trending these days. With some unique choices, you may make your kitchen a focal point of your house. Additionally, you may look for granite slabs for sale to have quality countertops in your house.

3.Subtle Patterns

Are you looking for a more complicated and elegant aesthetic? If you agree, you can prefer minimal patterns and designs. Light-colored or blurry, while quartz with stubble and realistic accents offers this artistic appeal. Today, many homeowners are swapping their old countertops with brighter quartz.

Come Up With A Unique Choice Of Kitchen Countertops!

Many individuals pick laminate countertops because of their affordability, but no, there’s availability! Over time, it starts losing its quality as it’s non-resistant to dirt, moisture, and heat. Hence, you must look for your kitchen countertops replacement. For incorporating granite, marble, and quartz countertops, you may connect with us at Artelye Inc. Other than this, our products are eco-friendly. You may reach out to us via our website for the best services for countertops!


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