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Zodiaq Dupont Cleaning
You’ll likely be amazed (and certainly thankful) that your brand new Zodiaq Dupont countertops are so easy to clean. Its nonporous surface makes stains from foods, liquids, or oils virtually impossible.

How To Clean Dupont Countertops

For most cleanups, simply use a wet paper towel or cloth!

You may also use Formula 409® or similar product.
Do not use bleach unless diluted with water, and wipe completely clean (residue can be active for up to 12 hours).
Do not use high pH cleaners like oven cleaner.

Zodiaq Dupont countertops never need waxing or polishing and doing so could cause it harm. (Please do not use any sealants or strippers, either.)

If something gets stuck on your Zodiaq countertop, don’t panic. Instead, take a deep breath and use a plastic putty knife to wedge underneath the item and wipe off any leftover marks with 409®. If it still won’t come off, try using Goo Gone®, following the instructions on the bottle.

Zodiaq is scratch resistant, but don’t press your luck. Always use a cutting board to prevent damage to the surface as well as keep your knives from getting dull. And please use a hot pad or trivet went setting something warm on it. Never place hot skillets or pans in direct contact with the surface.

For best results, wipe up any stains (wine, oil, pomegranate, etc.) immediately. If it’s already dried, use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner. Grease can be removed with a degreaser like Greased Lightning® (follow the instructions provided on the label).

You made a wise choice by selecting Zodiaq Dupont countertops for your home because they are also backed by a 10 year warranty. If you have followed these guidelines and there is still a problem with your counter, please contact Artelye Marble & Granite right away.

*Artelye Marble & Granite makes no warranties as to the results given from the above guidelines. Care and maintenance procedures for all quartz surface products are as advised by the individual manufacturer in their marketing materials and Artelye cannot be held responsible for the effectiveness of any directions.


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