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  1. Prior to installation, customers should ensure all base cabinetry must be installed and cleared of their contents. Access to the project area must be clear of any item that would affect the safe transportation of the countertop pieces to their final resting positions.
  2. Artelye® does not perform any electrical or plumbing work. Please ensure all existing countertops, and install appliances such as sinks and cooktops are disconnected, prior to the arrival of the installation team. The installation team will undermount sinks and install cook-tops, without performing any hook-ups. Once the installation is complete, you should allow any adhesive to cure and use a professional to reconnect your new appliances.
  3. Artelye® does not attach dishwashers to the undersides of countertops. The safest method of installation is for a wooden plinth to be glued to the underside of the counter, and the installation brackets of the dishwasher screwed in to this. Please arrange for a cabinetry or appliance installation professional to perform this procedure.
  4. Where full backsplashes are being installed, under cabinetry lighting must be removed prior to splash installation.
  5. The Customer must be on-site in person, or provide an authorized individual to certify that all installation work has been conducted to a satisfactory standard.
  6. The installation team will complete all stone installation, clean-up the surrounding project area, and apply an initial coat of stone sealer to all natural surfaces.

Once your appliances have been re-attached and connected by your qualified professionals, please enjoy your beautiful custom crafted stone counters for many years to come!


Artelye Inc was founded in 1996 Headquartered in Beltsville, MD, Artelye Marble & Granite originally operated as a leading importer of natural stone for the mid-Atlantic region.

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