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About Countertop Installation

Artelye Marble & Granite has developed a methodical countertop fabrication process for every slab we create and place in your home. Here’s a brief rundown of how it works.

  1. First of all, the selected countertop stones are cut into individual rectangular or square pieces. Before it is set, each stone section is inspected and the location of the seam is chosen by its size, structure, and exterior characteristics; countertop installation safety issues are also always considered. With that in mind, we strive to use the largest pieces with the least number of seams possible but reserve the right to make the final decision in terms of placement.
  2. Next, the thickness of the backsplash is always the same as the countertop itself. If you would like a thicker or thinner backsplash, please request this as a special order. We will then place the splash according to factors such as structural support and strive for the best result possible.
  3. When your countertop installation is for engineered quartz, consistent, or natural stone, you do not need to choose the slab pieces or view the stone template, as the piece will appear according to expectations.
  4. But if you choose a stone with a lot of veins, patterns, or other distinct characteristics, don’t fret. Artelye Marble & Granite utilizes SLABSMITH™ technology, which lets us take the CAD design of the project and plot it onto the slab’s surface. We can than virtually visualize their placement, allowing us to work together to choose the perfect arrangement that complements the flow or pattern and meets your expectations. Customer satisfaction is always our priority, however, we reserve the right to modify the arrangement in accordance with safety, feasibility, and/or other issues.

Artelye Marble & Granite promises both your countertop fabrication and your countertop installation will be as smooth as your beautiful new stone surface. Your satisfaction will last just as long.


Artelye Inc was founded in 1996 Headquartered in Beltsville, MD, Artelye Marble & Granite originally operated as a leading importer of natural stone for the mid-Atlantic region.

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