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Cleaning granite countertops is an important part of keeping them looking as good as the day they were installed.

How to Clean Granite Countertops

  1. Use mild dish soap or similar natural cleaner.
  2. Avoid harsh cleaners or abrasives.
  3. Wipe spills immediately to avoid streaks.

More Detailed Granite Care Instructions

Mild soap and water is the easiest and most effective way to clean granite but there are other effective alternatives available at most home improvement stores. Always use with a soft cloth, non-abrasive sponge, or paper towel.

Ammonia-based cleaners such as Windex can be used, but sparingly as the acidic levels can damage your granite countertop over time. Do not let it soak into the granite.

Avoid harsh cleansers and abrasives, as they can wear down the sealant and/or damage the granite. These include abrasive sponges as well as ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or citrus-based cleaners.

Strong or acidic chemicals and abrasive materials, including sponges, can damage granite. These materials can also dull and break down the sealant, too. Avoid window cleaners, ammonia, bleach, vinegar or citrus juices.

TIP: Wipe spills immediately, particularly oils or acidic foods.

To Disinfect the Granite Countertop:

  1. Mix solution 50% water 50% isopropyl alcohol
  2. Spray countertop and wait a few minutes
  3. Wipe up with clean water
  4. Dry with microfiber cloth

Stain Cleaning Cheat Sheet:

  1. Ink or magic marker = rubbing alcohol
  2. Oil-based stains, grease, or cosmetics = acetone
  3. Mold or mildew = bleach or hydrogen peroxide
  4. Rust =  poultice

Granite, while resistant to moisture naturally, is also quite porous. Therefore, substances like cooking oils, vinegar, or candle wax can soak in and cause damage. That’s why it’s important to not only clean up those spills right away but also have a quality sealer to protect the surface.

When is it Time to Re-Seal Granite Countertops?

It depends on the color of the granite surface. For dark stones, once a year is enough, but lighter granite may need re-sealing up to every three months, depending on use. For the longest possible life, always follow the granite care instructions above.

TIP: If water is no longer beading on the granite, it’s time to call Artelye Marble & Granite for a re-sealing appointment.


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