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natural stone fabrication
Natural Granite offers a wide variety of colors and patterns to decorate your home.

Granite is mined from the earth, in many countries around the world. A purely natural product, the quarried blocks are cut into slabs and the surface polished. As an experienced importer, Artelye hands-select individual blocks at the quarry, and then inspects each slab as it comes out of the container for quality control.

Choosing a color may be the most difficult and enjoyable part of the process! Every choice is unique to you and your personal style. There are many colors, in a wide palette of whites, greys, earth tones, gold & yellows, reds, greens, blues and blacks.

The beauty of Granite is that each piece is a unique work of art produced by nature. Some stones are very uniform in color and pattern, and some require individual selection to fully appreciate the shading, color variations and textures that will become part of your countertop. Pitting and veining are usual in many natural granite slabs and should be enjoyed as part of the beauty of the stone.

Granite offers:

  • Pure luxury and style
  • Scratch resistant, heat-resistant
  • Easily maintained surface

Marble, Limestone, Soapstone and Travertine

All of these stones are calcium-based materials, perfect for use as vanities, floors, walls, furniture pieces and fireplace surrounds. Used for many centuries, in countries throughout the world, they marble-bathadd a very classical, sophisticated look in the home. Marble has a more subtle color palette than Granite, and often contains veins. A variety of textures are available, including polished, patinato, and honed. Marble originates from many areas of the world, with some of the most beautiful originating in Europe and South America. Artelye® maintains a limited Marble selection in-house, but works with several large distributors to source rarer customer selections.

Because of its more porous nature, Marble is not generally suited to the kitchen environment, yet makes an excellent choice for the bathroom.

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