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What Decors To Pick For Jeweling Up A Small Kitchen Countertops?

What Decors To Pick For Jeweling Up A Small Kitchen Countertops?

Countertops are an excellent choice for adding value to a kitchen, but the right choice of countertop matters. You may have multiple options with us at Artelye Inc., though adding some decors on the small kitchen countertops may enhance its value. There are various decors available that you may pick to jewel up your kitchen with. In this blog, we’ll discuss some decors that you may find from any nearby shop or online to add to the countertops.

A Few Picks To Incorporate Around The Small Kitchen Countertops

You may create extra space in your small kitchen by consolidating good countertops, and considering a few decors may contribute to its appearance amazingly. Let’s discuss what decors you may put on the countertop.

  1. Attractive Fruit Bowl

A fruit bowl is the very first option on the list; hence, most individuals use it multiple times a day. Many people are habitual in munching on fresh fruits and veggies and mostly are found roaming around the kitchen. You may fill the bowl with fresh fruits right within your kids’ reach so they don’t find unhealthy options to satisfy their appetite.

  1. Cutting Boards

Cutting boards can be used in multiple ways. This also is similar to the fruit bowl. You may use the cutting board to have fresh fruits in it, which looks aesthetic when placed on the small kitchen countertops near the sink area. You may google to get the best quality cutting board. Many houseowners prefer to add the cutting board for the purpose of jeweling up the countertops.

  1. Decorative Trays

Decorative trays are also used in the similar ways cutting boards are used, to hold groceries or to gound a little grouping on the kitchen island like a fruit bowl, a candle, and a vase. You may opt for a small round marble tray that goes with the small kitchen that you may use with the diffuser. Further, it will work wonders with soap dispensers or a plant.

  1. Utensil Holder

A Utensil holder is a must to add decor in a small kitchen to create a spacious view. The holder may be fixed sound the cooktop. It’s a handy yet cute method to store any utensils you usually use, like wooden spatulas and spoons. You may also store those utensils in the holder that are rarely used, but they’re good for the purpose of decor, for example – rolling pin! Here is a top-notch tip to consider while looking for a utensil holder: check out the planter for alternatives. In order to add durable and affordable kitchen countertops, you may connect with us, a well-known contractor around you.

  1. Salt And Pepper Shakers

You may get some really pretty pepper and salad shakers. You may find them simple and functional items, but they may be really gorgeous, even sitting on their own. Moreover, it’s a mindblowing fact that most probably everyone uses salt and pepper in their kitchen. Isn’t it?

  1. Oil Dispenser

Oil is essential for everybody to add to their meals. Right? Somehow, lots of individuals use the traditional way to store oil, which is the bottle or container oil comes in, which never adds to the kitchen’s beauty. Instead, look for an oil dispenser that will look cool on the countertop and will prevent you from repeatedly losing oil container lids. However, the countertop must be of a premium quality, like quartz, that you may have from quartz contracting professionals nearby you.

  1. Plant & Herbs

Plants and herbs not only enhance the appearance of the kitchen countertops but are also a source of keeping the environment positive. Cooking all day and standing constantly in the same place may make anyone tired! Getting plants and herbs may soothe and keep the mind positive.

Add Value To Your Kitchen Adding Eye-Catching Decors!

Countertops are a must-have in any kitchen and bathroom, which are helpful to arrange extra space in a small room. You must choose quality small kitchen countertops to add value to your property that you may have from us at Artelye Inc., where we provide quartz, marble, and granite countertops. Other than that, our team of professional provide services for countertop maintenance, stone fabrication, and more. So what are you waiting for? Call us right away!


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