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Tips to Maintain Granite Kitchen Countertops

Tips to Maintain Granite Kitchen Countertops

Clever shoppers know the parameters to consider when choosing the right granite kitchen countertop or other surface in their homes. Factors such as –

  • Is it smudge and scratch repellent?
  • Is it long-lasting?
  • Are there other color options to combine with your design scheme?
  • Is it low maintenance?

Can it tolerate exposure to lemon juice, tea, wine, and other unwelcome household spills?

Whichever design or material you choose to be a part of your beautiful home, you need maintenance measures to maintain its shelf life. 

Looking for a lavish, nonabsorbent, low-maintenance option that allows you to cook meals, entertain, and enjoy your everyday life while not giving you the stress of preserving your countertops?

Well, here are some tips on how to keep your surface and how to keep your granite kitchen countertop spotless : 

  1. Treat Surfaces With Ease

As granite is solid, nonporous, and spill-proof enough, experts do not recommend scrubbing the surface vigorously whenever there is a stain. To maintain the glow, just wipe the surface with a wet cloth and soapy water as a regular cleaning. Then dry with a paper towel or soft cloth and wipe countertops in a broad circular motion to keep the gloss intact. 

  1. Use Gentle Household Cleaners

Everyday objects tend to collect fingerprints all over their surface. Not just fingerprints but also watermarks and coffee rings. To get rid of these stains, make use of gentle household cleaners. 

Clean granite kitchen countertops with warm water and gentle dish soap. Take warm water and simply add a few drops of soap. Later, dry a soft cloth with a soft towel; it will be as good as new.

  1. Cover The Countertop Periodically 

Occasional covering of the countertop is also suggested to safeguard them from scratches or other spillage. Cover your countertop against stains such as curry stains or mug rings. Moreover, covering it protects against all kinds of chemicals and radiation you may accidentally expose to it. 

Of course, this does not need to be done all the time. Your countertop will be fine for a few hours at a week’s interval. The shine of the granite will also not hamper even with time as it is being taken care of. 

If you want to consult a professional for a durable option, keep scrolling, and you will find out. 

Practical Methods to Keep The Granite Pristine 

The thumb rule to make the kitchen countertops durable is to wipe away the stain as soon as possible so that the stain does not dry off on the surface and becomes permanent. Sponging up any spill marks with a clean, absorbent cloth is the best practice. 

  1. Make Use of Coasters and Hot Pads

Undoubtedly, granite is harder and comparatively less vulnerable to bumps and scratches than other kitchen materials. To protect your countertop to the maximum extent, coaster, and hot pads can be used, which act as an extra layer of safeguarding. 

  1. Storing Liquids in Apt Containers

Keeping chemicals like hand soap, cooking oil, or dishwashing liquid on the countertops without a lid or not in an appropriate container may lead to some spill marks. Though stains are no big deal, granite can easily withstand these stains, but you may witness some stains in the long term. You can choose darker granite countertops, such as honed black absolute granite, as spill marks look faded on the dark background if you think that is the right choice for your home.

At Artelye INC, you can find the countertops for your bathroom and kitchen, along with the installation and maintenance services, in one place. Choose the finest quartz fabricator and see the difference that good countertops can make.


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