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Reinvent Your Bathroom with a New Countertop!

Reinvent Your Bathroom with a New Countertop!

Do you have the blahs in the morning or after coming home from a long day? Chances are, it could be your bathroom. We’re serious. The bathroom is our most private space and if it’s dull and depressing, it may be affecting your mood. Here’s a way to bring some joy into your life: a bright, clean, new bathroom countertop!


According to calculations based upon a survey, the average person spends a year-and-a-half of their life in the bathroom. This is not just to groom and take care of nature, but also to get away from it all; some 39% of the respondents said they use the bathroom when they need to think.


It’s also a place where we want our guests to feel relaxed and at home; it’s embarrassing to show off a dingy bathroom. An unimpressive bath can also lower the asking price, should you be looking to sell.


Marble countertops are a very popular choice as they instantly add a touch of class. However, marble isn’t for everyone. Granite countertops are stain resistant, won’t fade, and impervious to water. Travertine, limestone, or soapstone are other great ideas.


The first thing to do is figure out your budget. From there, you probably want an expert that can show you the wide variety of options you have for bathroom countertops as well as install them professionally.


Artelye Granite and Marble is your one-stop shop for new bathroom counters. Our Maryland and North Carolina showrooms service the entire mid-Atlantic region. We can help you choose your materials as well as have our professional team install them.


Therefore, if your countertop is stained, cracked, or perhaps non-existent, it’s time to call Artelye. Reinvent your bathroom giving you, your family, and guests, peace of mind.


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  • Joy Butler
    July 30, 2018, 3:56 am REPLY

    I’m grateful for your advice that we should know our budget first. From there, we can ask a professional countertop installer as to different kinds of countertop options. We are planning to have a renovation, and I’ll see to it that a new countertop will be installed in the kitchen. I am going to allocate a budget for it.

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