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Industry Insight

“Wider Is Better and More Beautiful” with New 63-Inch DuPont™ Zodiaq® Quartz Surface

Build it wider, build it better, build it beautiful. This is what Dupont has done with its popular quartz surfacing line, DuPont™ Zodiaq®. The majority of the DuPont™ Zodiaq® product line will permanently convert to 63-inch-wide slabs in 2010, resulting in more seamless design possibilities for designers and consumers and increased efficiency for installers.

The most notable benefit of DuPont™ Zodiaq® wide-slab quartz surfaces for designers and consumers is the increased design flexibility with fewer seams, creating a smooth and sleek aesthetic for any home. The benefit for installers is efficiency gains that will be achieved on kitchen and bath installations, with average material yield improvements estimated as high as 30 percent. Compared with competitors’ 55-inch products, the new Zodiaq® 63-inch slab higher efficiency can result in lower installed costs for the consumer.

DuPont™ Zodiaq® quartz surface can be used in a variety of residential applications including kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes, wet bars, fireplace surrounds, tub decks and tub and shower surrounds. DuPont™ Zodiaq® is nonporous and when properly cleaned does not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria. The entire DuPont™ Zodiaq® product carries a 10-year residential installed transferable limited warranty from DuPont. Pricing varies on complexity, color and project location.


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