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5 Tips To Incorporate Granite Countertops For Small Kitchens

5 Tips To Incorporate Granite Countertops For Small Kitchens

While small homes and apartments often offer plenty in terms of charm and coziness, they tend to fall short when it comes to kitchen space. Cooking, cleaning and eating in a small area can feel awkward because tiny kitchens have less storage and limited working space. Is this sort of how you feel right now?

Don’t be discouraged! You can still be a master chef in your small kitchen. There are many smart ways to make the most of your small kitchen scheme and transform it into a stylish and practical space.

A tiny kitchen doesn’t have to mean a dull atmosphere or be the cause of stress-inducing clutter. Think of it this way, while they can be a little challenging to transform, small kitchens are perfect for remodeling. You can summon all your creative energy and use it to redesign your kitchen.

Whether you’re refreshing your kitchen or you’re starting from scratch, here are five small kitchen tips and hacks for designing and maximizing your space without having to remove cabinets or replace other “expensive” elements of it.

1. Embrace Minimalism

When it comes to designing a tiny kitchen, keeping it simple is the best route to take. When you embrace minimalism, you can design your kitchen in a way that creates an illusion of space. Nothing makes a room have a sense of order like embracing minimalism. But what exactly does being a minimalist mean? Being a minimalist means valuing your experiences in your kitchen instead of things. Opt for simple accessories, light colors and nothing too fancy.

Don’t do this (image below) with your kitchen countertop space, please!

2. Utilize Utensils

Make your utensils work for you in creating the illusion of space. You can use your utensils, cookware and other kitchen accessories to make your kitchen stylish and practical. You can consider compact containers or even a magnetic wall strip for mounting knives. Seek out matching sets of utensils in light colors like colorful ceramic or stainless steel. Arrange your kitchen space in such a way that everything can be easily stacked together or is close to hand.

3. Savvy Shelving And Creative Storage

How you use your shelves and cabinets can have a massive impact on the functionality and design of your kitchen. While you won’t have as much space as you would like in a small kitchen, that doesn’t mean you have to remove cabinets or break down some walls. Whether you have a galley kitchen or a one-wall kitchen, you can use what you have to not only make your kitchen look stylish but also make it look bigger. Creative storage and savvy shelving tips include:

– Use storage helpers. Fix racks to the inside of cabinet doors.
– Fit floating shelves in your kitchen.
– Add pull out workspaces.
– Find a new space for your washing machine.
– Transform awkward corners into smart storage spaces.
– Add an island, especially if you a have a U-shaped kitchen and don’t forget to make it look unique with granite top.

4. Lighten Up, Neaten Up And Declutter Your Kitchen

Enough lighting and air can make any room look bigger. Clutter can not only get in the way, but it can also make your kitchen look smaller than it already is. So get rid of clutter in your kitchen and paint your kitchen walls white to lighten up your kitchen. Too many items in the kitchen can make it feel cramped and drab. Go with a simple kitchen scheme, always keep it tidy and of course, get clear away clutter.

5. Replace Your Countertops With Granite

Countertops set the tone of your kitchen, and the material you choose for your countertops determines how your kitchen looks and feels. So pick materials that help you achieve your design goals and is also in line how you use your kitchen. If you’re looking to make your tiny kitchen appear bigger and stylish, then granite countertops are your go-to. Don’t mistake granite for just any countertop. Granite is a premier countertop material and a must-have for all kitchens more so if you have a small kitchen. Reasons to choose granite for your countertops:

– Tough and durable
– Easy to maintain
– Granite countertops increase your home’s value
– Granite countertops offer stunning beauty
– Heat resistant
– Easy installation

What Is The Best Color For Granite Countertops For A Small Kitchen?

Choosing the best color for granite countertops might feel overwhelming considering the number of colors available and the fact that they all look fantastic! Granite countertop colors include but are definitely NOT limited to:

– Absolute Black
– Pure White
– Andromeda White
– Santa Cecilia
– Red
– Black Pearl
– Crema Caramel
– Steel Grey
– And many others…

Some colors might not be suitable for small kitchens. So with so many colors to choose from, which is the best color for small kitchens?

While black granite countertops make a kitchen feel sleek and elegant, it works best in large and well-lit kitchens. However, black granite can also be a good fit for a tiny kitchen if you pair it with white cabinets.

Finding white granite is not easy, but there are great alternatives such as Andromeda White and White Alpha which are fantastic choices for small kitchens. White granite is an excellent choice because it works wells with pretty much anything and also helps make your kitchen look more prominent.

Bottom line: Granite is quite versatile, and granite countertops are an excellent fit for all kinds of kitchens. For a tiny kitchen, make it shine and look bigger by balancing granite textures, patterns and colors.

What Is The Cost Of Granite Countertops For A Small Kitchen?

The cost of granite countertops depends on a couple of factors such as whether you choose slab or tile granite. Tile granite countertops may be a more economical option compared to solid slab of granite. Also, granite comes in several grades, typically ranging from 1 to 5. The rating depends on color, thickness, pattern, thickness, and where you shop (the rating is typically associated with the quality). You can get a slab of granite countertops for small kitchen for around $40 to $60 per square foot and $5 to $15 per square foot for tile granite.

Granite countertops never disappoint, and they have the power to make your small kitchen look sleek and bigger. So stop sitting on the fence and transform your small kitchen with granite countertops. Visit our newly designed showroom in Beltsville Maryland.


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