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Granite countertop facts that will amaze you!

Granite countertop facts that will amaze you!

So, you’re considering getting a granite countertop. Wonderful idea! Countertops made of granite are the last word in luxury. They give your kitchen a luxurious yet natural look, and are a pleasure to use. They last for decades without problems, have a beautiful shine, are perfectly safe for your home, and look incredibly impressive. If you have a bland kitchen that needs a highlight, or if you’re remodeling your kitchen and want to splurge on something really awesome, they’re a fantastic idea. You’ll enjoy them for years to come.

Here at Artelye, we are huge nerds and we love everything about granite. So we thought, why not create a post with some interesting facts about granite? We’re sure you’ll enjoy these, and get to learn more about the wonderful stone!

Granite facts 

1. It is slightly radioactive

When we hear the word ‘radioactive’, horrendous images of nuclear disasters pop into our mind. Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki – that’s the first thing we think of. But did you know, for instance, that bananas are radioactive?

Flying in an airplane exposes you to roughly four hundred times as much radiation as eating a banana. That’s because when you fly you’re high up in the air where the ozone layer is thinner. This layer is what protects you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Now consider the fact that the radiation exposure from eating a banana is around 1% of your average daily exposure to radiation.

These numbers are helpful in understanding the different levels of radiation, and how much effect they have on us humans.

One thing people often fail to understand is that radioactive elements occur naturally. They’re natural elements, just like sodium, copper or hydrogen. You (hopefully) won’t find a large deposit of radioactive elements in the ground, but they’re here and there in trace amounts. It’s in soil, for example.

One of the commonest search terms about granite is “granite countertop radiation”. As someone who’s owned a granite countertop for years, I can assure you first-hand that it’s perfectly safe for homes. The radiation from a granite countertop wouldn’t even register on a test. Neither would a large kitchen with granite flooring, as it turns out! It is an internationally approved material for usage in homes.

2. It can be treated to your specifications

Just like normal stone, granite can stain. However, since you’re reading granite countertop facts you’ll be happy to know that your countertop can be treated to your specifications to prevent staining, or to make it non-porous.

At Artelye we usually recommend this right before installation, so your countertop is protected from the beginning. Once a stain has occurred, it can be hard to get out, and you’ll have to hire professionals for the job. While it’s never too late to treat your countertop, it’s always best to start off on a good note.

Granite is a little porous, so it can absorb water and other liquids over time. This can cause various problems – not to mention that it makes the stone a teeny bit unhygienic. We’ve selected the perfect range of sealants and treatments to prevent this problem from arising, so you can rest assured our products won’t present you with these problems!

In fact, we’re so confident that we’re offering a 20-year warranty on our countertops! Visit our website to learn more about the warranty, and for more granite countertop facts.

3. It isn’t unbreakable

We often meet people who think granite is unbreakable. It makes sense, since granite is a type of stone and it certainly looks (and feels) very hard. However, granite isn’t the next diamond. It is, sadly, breakable.

Don’t expect granite to crumble and fall apart as the years go by. However, if you’re swatting flies with a hefty pan and land your counter a good smack, it might chip a little. So if your counter’s chipped after impact, there’s nothing wrong with the stone and you weren’t short-changed. Chips can be repaired in various creative ways, but it’s best to treat your countertop with respect to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. A well-treated countertop will easily last 4-5 decades without any problems.

At the same time, don’t underestimate the hardness of granite. If you use granite as a cutting board, you’ll not only dull your knives – you could actually risk bending their cutting edge! We don’t recommend using the surface as your cutting board due to a variety of reasons. You can’t thoroughly clean and sanitize the surface everyday, and you don’t know what crawls over it at night. A plain old wooden cutting board is a better choice.

4. It has fissures or cracks

Yes, you read that right! This incredibly hard stone has fissures in it. They are called fissures, and while they are not in fact cracks, they certainly look like them. They blend into the pattern, and are part of its rich, organic appeal. Since these are not actually cracks, these don’t pose any safety or hygiene-related risks. They won’t “get worse” over time. To further ensure your safety, we treat all products to make doubly sure before installing them in your home, and we provide a warranty to boot.

5. It can be man-made

It’s surprising, isn’t it? However, just like diamond, scientists have figured out how to create artificial granite. Many people prefer to opt for synthetic granite since it offers some advantages and doesn’t need to be mined from the earth (which makes it a slightly greener alternative). However, both products have their pros and cons.

While man-made granite is certainly beautiful, it isn’t the real thing. And if you’re a germaphobe, on the other hand, you might find yourself a little more assured by synthetic granite that hasn’t been mined from the ground and doesn’t have pores et cetera.

If you’re considering buying a granite countertop, make sure you discuss the subject of synthetic vs natural products with your dealer. They will understand your needs best after meeting you and talking to you, so they’ll be able to guide you on which would be a better choice for you personally.

We deal in both natural and man-made stones, so let us know exactly what you’re after and we’ll advise you on which would be a better fit.

Did you like these facts about granite? To learn more about this beautiful stone, go through our website. We have some really affordable options, and we provide a 20-year warranty, so you know we mean it! If you’re considering getting a granite countertop for your kitchen, contact us – we’re the best granite dealers in Maryland!

About Artelye – why you should choose us

We’ve been in the stone business for over 23 years, and we know granite and quartz inside-out. Over the years we’ve gained immense experience, learned wonderful new things about the stone, and understood who it’s a good choice for. Like everything else, granite has its pros and cons, and we want to help you understand them so you can make an informed decision and be able to enjoy your kitchen for years to come.

At Artelye, we value our customers, so the focus is always on you – your needs, priorities, preferences, and budget. We have products to suit different needs and budgets, and we’ll make sure you get what’s perfect for you.

To browse through our products and get started, give us a call today at 301-931-6616! We’re in during the week from 9 to 5, and on Saturdays from 10-5.


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