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Fabrication Class 101

The precise template measurements, every time…

Artelye invests heavily in technology and utilizes digital measurement equipment.   Digital templating, in combination with CAD-based CNC and waterjets, has moved the industry in new directions and presents new opportunities, and responsibilities, for everyone in the field.
Systems have evolved to the point where using one to simply gather length and width measurements is a vast underutilization.
When the housing market was at its peak and every fabricator had too much work, one of the main focus points for a digital-template system was the speed at which a guy could grab measurements and get to the next customer.
Now that the market has slowed and completing each job well is even more-important, the focus shifts away from speed and onto two other components of modern templating – accurate digital representations of the final product for the client to view, and the digital recording of information pertaining to the job itself.
Back in the day, showing a homeowner how their arched bar was going to look was a time consuming process. It required gluing a stick onto the top of the template and trimming it at 12” to show how far the countertop was going to stick out.
Showing your customer the actual shape would require heading back to the shop and grabbing a string and pencil to swing an arch onto a full sized sheet of luan. That shape then needed to be trimmed and brought back out to the jobsite, just so the customer could change their mind! The process was laborious and not really cost effective except for the largest jobs.
Today, our customers have no time to wait to see their arch within minutes of her Artelye templaterarriving – at least in the virtual world. Our digital-template system offers display capabilities that allow a client to see accurate representations of their finished countertops, including sink and cooktop cutouts and seam placement. The ability to see a countertop shape before it’s cut is fast becoming the norm; it also helps to cut down the miscommunication between fabricator and client.

Artelye’s Digital Template System uses a screen within the base unit of the measuring device to show the homeowners the shape of their countertop as it’s drawn with points generated from the pen on the end of the extended cable. The countertop shape can be easily manipulated with CAD type commands on the screen, allowing the templater to quickly draw what the homeowner has in mind.    Because the system’s viewing screen operates in a 3D field, it’s easy to show Ms. Smith what her full-height backsplash pieces are going to look like and make sure those countertops go in as expected and on time, every time!


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