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A Look Into Custom Commercial Countertop Applications

A Look Into Custom Commercial Countertop Applications

We have been fabricating custom commercial countertops for over 22 years now, in both residential and different types of commercial settings. These are projects that really excite us! Our team of experienced tile and countertop designers love the challenge. Today we want to share a few of our custom commercial projects as well as a look into the many different stone and tile applications.

A Common Misconception

Granite has dominated the residential countertop market for well over 2 decades now. Anyone trying to sell a home finds they can quickly increase the value of their home simply by replacing old, worn-out kitchen counters, with affordable granite or quartz countertops. Homebuyers nowadays are more likely to consider a new home if the kitchen is up to date. Renovating a kitchen is a dreadful and expensive project. A finished kitchen is a no-brainer, especially if they’ve previously owned a home before.

This is one of the reasons many people can’t imagine granite in a different setting other than a standard small kitchen. This, of course, may not be you, but in either case, it is not true.

Granite, Quartz, and Tile in Commercial Applications

Here at Artelye, we have an entire commercial department working on all kinds of exclusive projects. Over the years we’ve successfully completed custom commercial countertop projects in hospitals, airports, malls, and a series of other commercial environments. If you live in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area or have traveled here, chances are you’ve seen some of our work!

Aside from using granite, quartz, and tile surfaces for standard projects such as bathrooms, flooring, and counter areas, what other custom commercial applications are there? Let’s take a look.

Custom Granite Facades

The external architecture of any commercial building is just as important as the interior. Granite and its natural qualities lend itself for a beautiful exterior facade, emitting a consistent, subtle, yet sophisticated look. An additional benefit of an exterior granite facade is being able to withstand hot, cold, windy, and rainy weather without a problem.

the installation of custom granite facade for commercial building in Washington DC

Lobbies & Building Entries

What’s the first thing people see when they walk into a building? What impression do you want to leave in these visitors’ minds? Having a well-designed lobby is only the first step in creating a lasting impression for future visitors or potential tenants. The materials used, such as custom granite or quartz countertops, are just as important to take into consideration. The same applies to the building’s entry. What will your visitors experience as they come in?

two commercial building lobbies side by side with tile floors and granite counters

 commercial building entry with exterior tile work and glass windows

Conference Rooms

There are only a few custom surfaces that can add both elegance and sophistication to a conference or boardroom – quartz and granite are the main two. Each possessing their own unique style, natural patterns, and hues, enabling a contemporary and modern look and feel.

a boardroom with a shiny granite conference table in the middle and dim lights above

Interior Decorative Walls

If you want to make an impact on your employees as well as your clients, an interior decorative wall could be the answer. There are endless custom commercial decorative wall ideas you can conceive. But one thing is true, a well-designed interior accent wall will truly stand out!

white bricks covering a modern decorative office wall

Medallions & Custom Inlays

Granite, marble, or quartz floor medallions or custom inlays can bring a traditional element to an open entryway or lobby area design of a commercial building. These especial medallions require expertise, precision, and state-of-the-art equipment – all core elements of our business. We leverage our unique fabrication and design process, as well as our in-house custom-crafted expertise.

a geometric star-shaped floor medallion made of granite and marble for a commercial building entry

Commercial Bathrooms

There are many design elements to be considered in any custom commercial bathroom project. From accessibility to durability, water system, maintenance, efficiency, and overall customer experience are all important elements of a well-designed commercial bathroom. The enclosed items are just as important as the visible ones. Making the best impression possible in a bathroom setting is an extremely critical element in a commercial building that cannot be ignored.

a public building modern bathroom with small red tile above sinks and large format wall tiles

a commercial building public bathroom with an elegant design with small glass wall tiles around large mirrors and large floor tiles

Restaurant Counters

In such a fast-pace setting as a commercial restaurant, choosing the right surface is critical. After flooring, countertop surfaces tend to wear out next! Durable materials such as granite or quartz as custom commercial countertops are great. A lasting solid option is always best in this type of environment and the popularity and use of these materials are becoming much more prominent, especially is newer commercial buildings.

custom commercial countertops installed in a commercial building kitchen

There you have it, a series of custom commercial countertops and other types of applications. If you need help deciding on which custom commercial counters to use in your project, our team would love to help! You can reach our commercial department here or by calling our headquarters at (301) 931-6616.


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