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Development of Commercial Property in Washington, D.C.

Development of Commercial Property in Washington, D.C.

Commercial property development is experiencing tremendous growth in the midst of the current robust U.S. economy. The RLB Crane Index reported that cities such as Washington D.C., Boston, and Portland remain very active since their last count in January of 2019.

According to the latest report in July 2019, Washington D.C. construction projects are a mix of commercial-use buildings, office, and residential. One of the most important projects happening in the D.C. metro area is the new Amazon Headquarters, adding buzz to the many commercial development plans for this region around this massive project.

So, with area construction booming, it is no surprise that designers, architects, and builders want the highest quality materials for their projects. Tile is a critical element of any commercial building, especially for modern designs where large open spaces are standard (think mall, hospital, airport, etc.). The tile chosen for these projects will play an important role in first impressions for potential tenants.

This brings us to our team of professional tile consultants here at Artelye. We have experienced team members ready to help with all your commercial tile needs for large-scale commercial construction projects.

Selecting the perfect tiles for your new office building, apartment complex, or retail space is a critical decision that can attract or distract potential tenants. Whether youre looking for the hottest styles in modern office tiles, backsplashes, bathrooms, and entranceways, or simple, clean and timeless tile designs, we offer hundreds of product styles to match every taste.

Visit one of our showrooms today to speak with a professional consultant who can advise you on selecting from a wide variety of tiles for your next project. Artelye offers stunning natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles to wow” your future customers.

Our Services

Providing full-service stone selection and installations for the commercial building construction markets in Maryland, District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, southern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and lower New York. We are an American family-owned and operated business that travels the world to hand-select the very best natural stone and quartz for our clients projects.

Artelye custom tile project consulting and installation teams offer over 25 years of experience personally advising clients to select and install beautiful custom tiles to transform any space!

All customers are invited to view our showroom selection at our Beltsville and Raleigh locations. Need design inspiration? Visit us today!

Learn more: Artelye.com


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