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Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Is your kitchen in need of a refresh? Bring some wow back to your countertops with these great ideas that are easier and less expensive than you think!

Give them a paint job

If you have laminate kitchen countertops, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint. One of the most cost-effective ways is by using Rust-Oleum, which will give them a solid, durable finish and comes in a variety of unique colors. If you’d like to emulate the look of granite, use the line called Transformations, which is a little more pricey. The downside is, this is only a temporary fix and may need constant retouching to keep them looking fresh.

Give them a concrete skim

A pretty cool effect that achieves the look of concrete without the heft is by using a finishing product like Ardex Feather, often used on floors. The good news is you can likely achieve your goal for less than a hundred bucks. The bad news is you will probably end up with very sore arms due to the heavy sanding requirements (and again it isn’t going to last as long as a real concrete counter). You will also need to make sure you choose a food safe sealant.

Cover them in tile

A more colorful and perhaps creative way to give them new life is covering them in tile. There are many different ways you can go, from large pieces to smaller porcelain or subway tiles. This process is more complex as it involves removing the sink, creating and drawing out a tile pattern and cutting tiles. You’ll also have to carefully grout and set the pieces. While it is possible to put tile over laminate, many experts suggest you start fresh, especially if you have curved edges. This will require more work.

Make a butcher block counter

An old trend from the 1970s is making a comeback with entire countertops being converted into butcher blocks. This is a great look, but it does require some woodworking skills. Also, these counters need constant attention, can be damaged by water or heat, and wear down quickly.

Call Artelye

In reality, the easiest way to update your kitchen countertops is to hire a professional countertop company to do the work for you. As we have pointed out, many of these other options are both labor intensive and short-term. If you are not a skilled handyman, you will end up wasting time and money.

Artelye has hundreds of different varieties of stone and marble countertops that can be expertly installed while you are at work, leaving your weekends free to enjoy cooking in your new space. Contact us today for a free estimate!


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