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Artelye Inc. Offers an extensive and complete collection of quartz countertop surfaces which are elaborated below. The demand for engineered stone surfaces for kitchen, bathrooms, bar tops and even offices and commercial buildings has grown tremendously in just the past couple of years due to several factors in our opinion.

One of the things that separate engineered quartz stone from natural stone is durability. Quartz countertops are much more durable when it comes to fabrication, regular daily use around the kitchen area, and handling of the quartz stone all together from creation to transportation and delivery.

Beauty: yes, design is only limited to what the human mind can imagine, which is safe to say that it’s pretty much endless. While the earth has unique natural patterns and designs that no human being can ever duplicate, quartz also has something nature will never be able to create. It really comes down to a matter of taste. Both can provide a beautiful finish to any surface, in any room, in any house or building.

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A solid Choice

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Get a free 36" bathroom vanity top under-mount sink with purchase of kitchen. A $575 Value!

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